• Published Date: 18 Mar 2022
  • Modified Date: 18 Mar 2022

Underlying Various Reading Comprehension Level on Motivational Factor English Foreign Language (EFL) Learner

By. MASRUL Dr., S.S., M.Pd

Most of studies related to reading comprehension in a L2 environment highlighted the importance of motivation to reading comprehension. However, very few studies discovered how motivational factors impact EFL reading comprehension. This research involved 83 students who were request to read English passages and answered two types of questions: text-based comprehension and high-order comprehension. Participants were also asked to complete a survey about their motivation for learning English and their perceptions of their abilities. According to multiple regression analyses, students’ self-efficacy in English reading had more predictive power on text-based comprehension than higher-order questions. In contrast, extrinsic motivation significantly influenced higher-order questions. These interrelationship between various types of motivation and reading comprehension level are discussed and their implications are discussed